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Glamorous Givers Group

Thank you for your generosity!

♥  Paul & Tina O'Brien 

♥  Strimbu Family

♥ John Michael Hudson

♥ Mark Hudson

♥  J.P Marsh

♥  NWA Bowlers

♥  Saint Vincent's Hospital

♥  Giant Eagle

♥  Mr. D's Foodfair

♥  Sparkle Market 

♥  Laura Stuart
♥  Daniela Alban
♥  Thomas Goldsmith
♥  Emily Stuart
♥  Frances and Budd Neir
♥  Sandra and John O’Brien
♥  Maureen O’Brien
♥  Brie Hilton
♥  Gerry Hayhurst and Tina Gish
♥  Mary Lou McCall
♥  Evan Szablewski
♥  Chris O’Brien
♥  Dan and Nancy O’Brien
♥  Kurt and Amanda O’Brien
♥  Michele and Lauren O’Brien
♥  Kellie O’Brien
♥  McKayla Fusco
♥  Marla Hiner
♥  Jessie Badach Hubert 

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